I created this Unity version of Space Invaders as a complement tutorial to my first book for Packt Publishing. Its purpose was to teach my readers the basics of game engines such as Unity.




I made the assets for the game using 3D Studio Max and developed the whole project with Unity. The game features all basic procedures to create a simple game with Unity: from importing assets from 3rd party software to Javascript scripting, to implementing the game controls and collision detection, to playing sounds and displaying the game interface.

By following the instructions provided in the tutorial, you can easily achieve a similar result by yourself!

The hardest part in coding this game was to synchronize the behavior of the aliens in the swarm, in particular making them “jump” together towards the bottom of the screen upon reaching the border, while keeping their relative distances.

I resolved by creating a super-GameObject and, through it, controlling all alien ships as a single instance.

It worked!


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