Kismet AI video series – demo 03

Kismet AI Demo 03

Hi Everyone,

I uploaded a new clip showing the script for a guard.

The guard patrols an area and, if the player enters its line of sight, it starts shooting and triggers the alarm that calls for more enemies.

Check it out: Kismet AI Demo 03



Kismet AI video series – demo 02

I uploaded a new video on my Youtube channel showing a bot performing attacking and defensive actions.


Check it out at link


Kismet AI video series – demo 01

I started recording a video series to show the capabilities of my AI scripts made with Kismet, in the Unreal Engine.


Check it out on Youtube: link


Interview for Digital Tutors live!


Digital Tutors asked me for an interview as featured artist of the month.

If you’d like to know more about my path through the game industry, check it out at this link


My second tutorial is available!

My second tutorial for Digital Tutors about Crowd Systems in UDK is available!


The course explains how to spawn a crowd, to control its pathing and branching and its behaviors, among the others.

The last topic in particular, the control of Crowds behaviors, is particularly hard to deal with, as apparently no help is available on the web, not even on the official Epic forum.

I am sure my techniques will be helpful to anyone who interested in working with the Crowd System of UDK: game and level designers, researches, hobbyists.

Check it out on Digital Tutors at the following link

My book is out!

My book for Packt Pub “Mobile Game Design Essentials” is now out and available for purchase.


Check it out at this link

It costed a hard year work, but I am proud of the job done.

Thanks to David Nolte for sharing his experience with me and to all the guys at Packt Pub for their patience and support!

New article added in GAME ANALYSIS: “How I Fought The Aliens”

I beat this game and saved my men too, by exploiting the practice of “savescumming”.

Many in the Game Industry blame the habit of reloading from previous saves, though others (like me) think it doesn’t ruin the gaming experience.

What is the price of saving the life of your game characters?

xcom art

Also available on Gamasutra at this link