Mobile Game Design Essentials is the title of my book written for Packt Pub.

cover of the book

available here

It is a very detailed manual that explains all the basics to approach mobile development on today’s smartphones, covering everything from the most popular mobile platforms, directions to build an optimal indie team of developers, the best practices to create graphics and audio for mobile games, the importance of the develop-test-refine cycle and the distinctive aspects of mobile game design: the touch user interface, the hardware limitations of mobile phones and the most popular business models to make money out of your mobile games.

The book also offers a three parts tutorial to crete a game with Unity 3D, one of the most popular and user-friendly game engines available today.

The book has been written with the support of Industry veteran David Nolte ( It has been an enlightening experience working with him and the staff of Packt Pub to accomplish this goal.

If you are willing to give a peek at the contents of my book, please feel free to download this sample chapter about mobile game interfaces. 

You will find useful insights coming from first hand experience of the authors and academic studies in the field of Cognitive Science.


download file: MobileGDEssentials_Chapter-07



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