This page links to videos that show the capabilities of my Artificial Intelligence scripts, made with Kismet.

In each video I deal with a different aspect of enemy behaviors, particularly for shooter games: shooting, chasing, escaping, crouching and patrolling, among the others.

Demo 01: shoot, crouch, run away

Kismet AI Demo 01

This video features a script which controls a bot to fire at the player upon having a clear line of sight and crouch behind cover or run away, if it’s hit by the player.

Check it out here

Demo 02: attack and defend

Kismet AI Demo 02

This video display a bot attacking and running away from the player, based on its health status and the player’s position.

Available here

Demo 03: patrolling guard

Kismet AI Demo 03

The third video shows a guard that patrols an area. If the player stays out of cover for too long, the guard triggers the alarm and more enemies spawn to attack the player.

Available here

Demo 04: team mate


The fourth video shows a bot that follows the player and protects him by keeping at close range and attacking the enemies.

The result is obtained with Kismet and some smart level design.

Available here

Demo 05: crowd


In this video I show the capabilities of Crowd Systems, grouped pathfinding and behaviors in particular.

The video is available here


If you are interested in learning my techniques, you can check my tutorials on Digital Tutors


“Managing Crowds in UDK”

DT Kismet AI

“Creating AI Algorithms Using Kismet”


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