This page features a collection of articles about games that I found interesting from a game design perspective.

This is a page I really like, because I think that sharing opinions and considerations about the games we play is key to improve at designing games.

Did you play anything interesting, lately?


How I Fought The Aliens

xcom art

full article: HowIFoughtAliens

This is an article about the practice of savescumming by analizing the random number generation mechanics of XCOM Enemy Unknown


My Summer Through The Galaxy


full article: MySummerThroughTheGalaxy

This article is about the Mass Effect Saga and the changes they made to gameplay and game mechanics from one episode to the other.


Prototype vs Infamous


full article: prototype_vs_infamous

I played and then made a confrontation between these two amazing games. It’s better to act as an Infamous or a Prototype?


Please Don’t Shoot


full article: C_Scolastici_Please_dont_shoot_eng

This extensive article deals with the evolution of 3D shooters over time and the progressive implementation of new features and mechanics. What can we expect from the future of 3D shooters?

An interesting read for all who desire to exploit this genre further more.




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