Managing Crowds in UDK


February 2014 my second tutorial about UDK for Digital-Tutors gets available online.

The tutorial is a full-featured guide to make the most out of Crowds Systems in the Unreal Engine using Kismet: spwaning crowds with multiple characters, controlling agents pathfinding and their behaviors and the most relevant properties of Crowd Agents.


The tutorial also offers useful insights about characters AnimTrees, character Meshes and their Attachments.

You can check my tutorial about Crowds at the following link:

Students’ feedback:

“Wow. This is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen regarding UDK. With all
the permutations, I doubt people can properly figure out crowds without
your tutorial.”

Creating AI Algorithms using Kismet


August 2013 I released a tutorial for Digital Tutors to teach how to model effective AI with Kismet, the scripting tool of the Unreal Engine.

The tutorial covers all the fundamentals topics to create believable enemies for your games made with the Unreal Development Kit:

shooting at the player on sight, move behind cover to escape fire and crouch.


The tutorial also explains how to tweak variables values to control things like the height bot aim to and the distance they fire at the player.

Finally, the tutorial shows how to create sub-sequence to be used as the building blocks for more complex behavior.

You can check the video presentation of the course at the following link:

Students’ feedback:

“These tutorial were an excellent intro to Kismet. I found by the end I was manipulating nodes and changing parameters with great confidence. I now know my way around this aspect of UDK. These lessons can speed a UDK student along the path to becoming fluent in Kismet assembly and logic. UDK is complex, and any help climbing its learning curve is very welcome!”

Ian Tetrault

“This is a multi part tutorial by Italian Game Designer Claudio Scolastici. In it the author covers how to spawn AI bot players and control their behavior using Kismet. This is a great way to script action sequences for your games without having to muddle with UnrealScript.”

Justin Plowman

“I like this tutorial and enjoyed all the way. I learned a lot from it. The basic setup of the game is quick and short. I liked it because we are interested in the AI and not the basics of UDK. I would definitely recommend this tutorial for my friends because there is a lot to learn from it.”

Raed Abbas

Film Director, VFX



The following link points to a project by Jonathan Cliff, who followed my hints to script AI with Kismet.



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