Starting April 2014, Claudio Scolastici is the Senior and Technical Designer of Italian game developer SpinVector. He is responsible for  two mobile games: Artusi Cooking Time and Angel’s Friends (TBA). Before that he was member of the indie team that released XX la Breccia, the first FPS ever developed in Italy with Unreal Engine (UDK).

February 2014 he realeased his second book for Packt Publishing, titled Unity 2D Game Development Cookbook. He is also author of tutorials about UDK and AI scripting for Digital Tutors.

With a degree in General and Experimental Psychology and a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Embodied Cognition, he started working in the Videogame Industry in 2002 as a tester for Electronic Arts.

He likes spending his free time practicing sports, listening to music, watching movies and having fun with friends. And play videogames, of course!



Skype: claudio.scolastici

LinkedIn: cscolastici

mobile: +39 329 1904 610

resume: CScolastici_Resume


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