iPad Italia: “Artusi: Cooking Time”, il nuovo gioco targato Treccani

“Artusi: Cooking Time”, il nuovo gioco targato Treccani

26 ottobre 2015 di Giuseppe Migliorino

In onore di Pellegrino Artusi, l’uomo che unifica l’Italia attorno alla tavola, Treccani lancia su App Store il gioco “Artusi: Cooking Time”.

Artusi cooking time splasharagosta_03

Protagonista del gioco è Marietta, l’insostituibile cuoca e governante di casa Artusi che realizzòle 790 ricette contenute nel volume, contribuendo al risultato finale con l’esperienza e il buon senso. Raggruppando gli ingredienti sulla griglia nelle quantità richieste e abbinandoli nei giusti tempi su pentole, padelle e tegami, gli alimenti vengono lavorati, cucinati e trasformati per realizzare, passo dopo passo, alcune tra le più gustose ricette del celebre manuale…


Artusi Cooking Time available on Android and iOS!

Artusi cooking time splash

I am very proud to introduce you to our new mobile game Artusi Cooking Time.

It’s a Match3 puzzle game, based on the popular recipes of top italian gourmet Pellegrino Artusi.

Gather ingredients and drag them on your kitchen tools to cook recipes. Can you make it to the Final Touch?

Watch presentation

Free download available for:




Artusi Cooking Time presented at EXPO Milan 2015


Artusi Cooking Time, my latest design effort for SpinVector, has been officially presented at EXPO Milan 2015.

I am very proud of it and happy to link the article about the presentation here


Artusi Cooking Time is about to be released

This is a mobile Match3 game I designed for Treccani, the most important Italian Institute of knowledge collection and circulation, based on the super popular book about cooking La Scienza in Cucina e l’Arte di Mangiar Bene (Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well) by all-star Italian gourmet Pellegrino Artusi.

It is a free-to-play + in-app purchase mobile game where the player is asked to cook step by step the most interesting and fun recipes, selected from the popular book by Pellegrino Artusi.


Check it out here, it should become available pretty soon!

My second book for Packt Publishing

February 2015 I released my second book, titled “Unity 2D Game Development Cookbook”.

It is a manual consisting of more than 50 practical recipes to create games from scratch Unity the advanced features of Unity (version 4.0 and on).

check it out at this link

New adventure beginning in Benevento


I recently moved to Benevento, Italy, to join SpinVector, one of top-rated Italian game developers in Italy.

My position has to do with Technical Design on the Unity platform, which works excellent for me: after having spent the last few years dealing with UDK and Kismet, I now have a change to improve my skills with Unity.

I’ll get you posted, for I love my new  job!

Sample chapter from my book!


For those who are willing to have a look at the contents of my book, here is a sample chapter available on-line and for download.

It is a very interesting chapter about mobile interfaces, with several hints coming from first hand experience and academic study in the field of Cognitive Science.


download file: MobileGDEssentials_Chapter-07


My course reached 2000 viewers!


My first tutorial for Digital Tutors, about AI scripting with Kismet, has reached the threshold of 2000 viewers.

Thanks to all that subscribed for it, hope it helped you!




Kismet AI video series – demo 05


This video shows the capabilities of crowd systems with regard to restricted pathfinding and behaviors.

Hope you enjoy it at: link

Kismet AI video series – demo 04


In this fourth video a bot follows the player, staying close and defending him from attacking enemies.

Kismet scripting and smart level design are the key ingredients!

Check it out at: Kismet AI Demo 04